Appetite For Intoxication

by Copyright Chaos

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1st album by US street punk band Copyright Chaos.


released August 2, 2006

All songs written and recorded by Copyright Chaos
CD released by Step-1 Music 2006



all rights reserved


Copyright Chaos New Haven, Connecticut


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Track Name: We Don't Give A Fuck
conformity is not for us
giving into your beliefs
loyalty is not for us
social order isn't peace

why should we care what anyone has to say?
we've been turned away for differences and living our own way
why should we care what anyone else believes?
we're not trusting in their promises just to be deceived

we're not socially approved
we can read between the lines
i'm stubborn and i hate this world
its a fucking waste of time

we don't give a fuck
Track Name: Drive Drunk
lets say a cop comes and pulls you over
say hello officer, then tell him to bend over
if he asks why, say there's no need to ask
just take a beer bottle and shove it up his ass

they say that if you drink and you drive that you lose
sure thats the case if you can't handle your booze
lets get some alcohol and fill up the trunk
are you ready kids, its time to drive drunk

the law says you can't have open beers in your car
well if thats the case then just get drunk at the bar
the chances are that you'll still be alive
if you stumble to your car then go out for a drive

40 oz. slamming shots starting a fight
drinking and puking and staying out all night
don't drink wine coolers, drink something with balls
jim bean, jack daniels, some real alcohol
Track Name: Our Way Of Life
tonight we're gonna drink like we never drank before
we're getting you arrested, you're gonna fall on the floor
we're gonna go out, and get into a fight
cause this is what happen's when we stay up all night

chaos is our way of life

causing lots of trouble and ending up in jail
union street station you can fucking go to hell
burning bridges drinking beer running out of cash
if you don't fucking like it, you can shove it up your ass
Track Name: Religious Victim
when your in the middle east or when your in the states
they put violence and ignorance into your face
they want religious domination for their chosen faith
they want you to believe that there is no other fate

do you want to be a religious victim?
do you want to be a fucking slave?
do you want to be a religious victim?
do you want to be a statistic of death

they say that if we dont conform we'll burn up in our sin
how can i conform to what i'm not believing in
i believe in science and the things that i can see
not religious propaganda being for fed to me
Track Name: Teenage Politician
preaching peace breaking rules burning books you stole from school
anarchy is what you think, have another fucking drink
never been anywhere, saying life is never fair
sleeping under mommies roof life is tough, and you're the proof

you try to talk about society
you try to talk about the state
you try to talk about rebellion and the government
(you'r in) denial of the fact that you're a fake

see you out toting signs, criticizing those who hate
try and change the world again, following the ones before you
not like them, you're a fake, god give me a fuckin' break
go away you're full of shit another trendy hypocrite
Track Name: Elm City Chaos Punks
we're the elm city punks and we don't care
if its a clean shaved head or spikey hair
we're the elm city punks and we don't care
we're chaos bred, and you're in our cross hair

the elm city punks that don't give a toss
studded jackets and an iron cross
we're the elm city punks and we're the boss
we'll cause a racket at any cost

elm city chaos punks, hooligans on the move
elm city chaos punks, we ain't got nothing to prove
elm city chaos punks, we're moving out to the street
elm city chaos punks, another one's gonna get beat

we're the elm city punks but weren't the first
in a cycle that's been bred from the worst
we're a pack that breeds and we'll always supply
all the frontline sounds of all we defy

all the rules are broken from civil unrest
separated by the yale kids that we detest
the cops give us stares with a wish to arrest
we're the elm city punks and we're the best
Track Name: Prison Riot
rotting in a prison cell, waiting for release
boiling with anger the time for silence ceased
denial of parole means the hope of freedoms lost
breaking free from agony no matter what the cost

take the head of the c.o. and smash it against the wall
not just fighting for me but fighting for us all
take the head of the c.o. and smash it against the floor
another prison riot, another prison war

prison riot

life has been deprived but you still are forced to live
a chance to have a second life is what they will not give
spending days creating ways of planning your escape
action speaks and violence seeks to cause a prison break

the time for action. release from your cage. join together, rise up with rage. justify, take revenge, smash the prison gate from its hinge. burn down the walls. take control. another year in prison with denial of parole. what can you do when your life's a living hell. cause a prison riot and break free from your cell.
Track Name: I'm In Debt
i'm in debt and it ain't no joke
ever since high school i've been broke
bills are piling i'm not smiling

i'm debt

my cash is every place but here
the i.r.s. has me in fear
here's my money, thanks for nothing

got no home? fuck you pay me!
got no job? fuck you pay me!
got no cash? fuck you pay me!
i'm fucked

i got a raise but i don't care
they'll be none left for me to spare
stocks are crashing, i'm not laughing

i'll be bankrupt in the end
western union can you send?
god can't save me. fuck you pay me!

i'm in debt.
Track Name: Apathetic
i sit around and live my life the opposite of you
cause i don't really give a fuck about the things you do
i live my life the way i want and that's blank and free of care
for you to see a lack of interest isn't really rare


what is there to think about its not so hard to learn
i just don't want to express any care or concern
you can't talk all you want or even laugh at me
but nothing you say can penetrate this feeling of apathy
Track Name: Up The Drunk Punks
hate you, i hate you, no we don't fucking love you
i'll hit you, and kick you, and punch you in the face

i hate you i hate you no we don't fucking love you
we're drinking, and fighting, and stinking up the place

young snotty studded, dirty and punk rock
warboots, laces, abrasive and drunk a lot

up the drunk punks
Track Name: We Will Never Rest
don't believe the masses or the kids on the street
the time for war is now, and we can never be beat
a history of victory is what we have amassed
we've the power to defeat and the glory of our past

we will never rest, we will never back down
we will never be second best, we'll fight till they're in the ground

don't believe the preachers, or the crusties on the street
its us or them, its life or death, and we can never be beat
we've got the plan, to attack, they'll hit first if we don't act
hit the enemy hard from high, we'll drop the bombs and watch them die

fight for power for cause
all they understand is brute force
fight for power for cause
gotta fight with no remorse
fight for power for cause
be it abroad or at home
fight for power for cause
even if we stand alone